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I am honest if I am anything and I post this as a confession to my true nature as a member of the human race, I am ethical and will do what I must as dictated by societal norms, but I do not believe in the things that I do equal right from wrong in the great scheme of things. I am a misanthrope, more commonly described as a person who does not thrive in the presence of other human beings. I am not a lover of the human race and find it to be an infection on the planet Earth that uses personal greed and interest to destroy the natural order of things regardless of the outcome.

Sorry but the reality of the matter is that the few who recognize the selfishness of the human infection are actually the forward thinking members of society who have separated themselves from the groupthink of society and realize that humanity’s only goal is to breed the planet into extinction without a second thought! The PC assholes continue to ignore the reality of the matrix of the number of rats in the maze! The weak are meant to perish and the strong are meant to dominate, PERIOD! To believe anything else is to subscribe to liberal populist illogical bullshit! I know that in an unstable ecosystem the ruling caste would evaluate the most essential and do away with the superfluous. I am there. I am not a hipster asshole who deludes myself or am not a knee-jerk liberal asshole who deludes myself into believing that the strong will protect my weak ass! I know that if I am strong and can benefit the whole, that I will live on and keep my people alive.

I don’t know about the way I feel about people. I am ambiguous. I continuously analyse how I deal with humanity and realize that I need to inspect my ambivalence regarding them. Humans fascinate me, but I find it hard to actually care for them. This is a problem. I see them as a scientific equation and nothing more, so feeling is a stretch. I will be willing to kill for crimes relating to children. For some reason I cannot ignore their suffering, but I can ignore that of the adult. I am willing to ignore crimes against adults……where does this ambivalence come from?

I am closed of groupthink, but am complex of everything else.




Hey, just a thought on how people actually feel. Why do we celebrate the exploits of a 60 year old Liam Neeson, a 66 year old Sylvester Stallone, a 65 year old Arnold Schwartzenegger and other ass kickers when the hipster culture promotes passive shitbirdiry and puss-out non-action as some sort of norm? I guess that the majority of society actually wants to see the brutal offenders shot and suffering as they actually should be, instead of enjoying a life sentence doing drugs and fucking prison bitches as they actually are at the present. I would legislate DNA evidence and if the proof matched, would torture these assholes,( especially the child offenders ), on public access TV and sleep like a baby. You have to be a sick fucking pervert to believe that these pieces of shit deserve any less! Fuck you liberals in your fucking deluded asses for thinking that you are above those who would torture these stupid fucks!!

Hipster Hatred


To be quite clear, I do not dislike hipsters for there ill thought out fashion nonsense, in fact I very much enjoy seeing fools parade about in their sisters’ jeans and a beard long enough to hide a thousand pencils in it. From the high water skinny jeans to the purple plaid shirts, to the iconic Target classic tee underneath, to the faux-hawk hairstyle. These guys have managed to create a fad out of being what they call unique. Sampling from all cultures past and present, they wax ironic, openly challenge people on their adherence to PC convoluted bullshit, and hoist the PBR in victory at being the most diverse of complete fadsters to infect the major cities of the civilized world.

In order to fit into the hipster mold one needs to forsake all common sense and literally become a sampler of culture that has already been established and made unique in it;s own right. The theft of this I compare to the rappers of the 90’s who blatantly stole the lyrics of classic rock to add value to their worthless corporate crap poetry.Of course I cannot complain about the resurgence of the use of vinyl records, Polaroid cameras and many of the other things that were unique to the pre-computer age. With the advent of compact computers we have seen the imminent death of the book, the magazine and the newspaper all within the last 10 years. Hipsters have delayed the demise of these character-filled traditional venues and for this I am grateful, but with this comes the elitist self-righteous attitudes and the ad nauseum adherence to PC follower bullshit that admonishes people to doff their sensibilities and logic.

It has become popular thru social pressure to vilify human nature regarding sex and relationships and to over-complicate any and all means of obtaining casual sex in the modern world. Now there has to be agreements and complex PC social adherence to hipster norms in order to just admit that all you want for the night is to get laid. Male shaming is at an all time high related to the popularized and sensationalized exploits of a few asshole men who cannot distinguish between the words ‘NO’ and ‘YES.’ I, for one, have daughters and would fucking kill any motherfucker who would be stupid enough to attack either of them. I have even adjusted my porn to only include those movies that I know only contain consensual partners. I campaign against human trafficking and would be mortified to find that I was watching porn involving coerced subjects, so yes, I screen my porn. The whole Duke University student thing involving Miriam Weeks/Belle Knox showed that many of these performers are very willing and well paid participants in the adult entertainment industry. Her pithy explanation regarding why she did it holds no water when stacked up against the hundreds of thousands of students who have worked two jobs to afford college. I myself had to do that and I am educated for that decision. Weeks is not a victim, she did this of her own volition, per her own explanation.

I have been told that I am closed minded for saying that I find hipster men to be too effeminate in regards to their thin, emaciated appearance and inability to physically fight off someone who would attack their girlfriend in a dark alley. Women in the hipster vein tend to choose men who weigh less than they do and who would blow away in a strong wind. My secret crush married a man who was shorter than her, slight in frame and absolutely hideous in appearance, but had a gigantic ego to compensate for all of his pussiness. He is the consummate hipster self-important asshole who believes that he is such a unique snowflake in a sea of people who look exactly like he does. I am married, but this woman was responsible for me coming out as an atheist activist and I continue to believe that she should have chosen a better mate. Not me, but maybe in an alternate universe……

Hipsters are a disease, and as we know once a disease takes root it will infect many before it is exterminated, and hipsterism needs to be exterminated. Common sense only exists in the absence of this contagion and I can tell you that the hipster menace is number one in the opinion that the New Atheist Movement is obsolete and that religion and atheism can live side by side. This is a logical fallacy, as they say in debate circles, and needs to be seen as the invasive cancer that it is. Religion is nothing without the doctrine, and Christianity without the Genesis account is totally unnecessary if people only believe the story to be a parable. If this is true then the religion totally unravels and has NO credibility, so why even bother to worship the myth of Yaweh? Most hipsters that I have met are fuzzy belief people who have not a conviction in their body regarding what is right or wrong. They believe that if people live a lie they should be afforded the same credibility as those rooted in reality. This is the ambiguous science denial bullcrap that allows myth to live on as reality for generations after it has been proven fallacy. Religion is un provable crap and needs to give way to that which can be proven.

Again, hipsters are very deluded idiots who complicate reality and promote knee-jerk PC shit that vilifies one sex over the other. Hipsterism is a fad that will die as all other fads have done and will be remembered as a total ridiculous scourge if logic prevails. I continue to go to the gym and am 230lbs at 6ft 1in. Fuck you effeminate hipster fragile assholes, I’m gonna punch the fuck out of the guy who fucks with me in a dark alley!

The Real Reason Why I Hate The Hipster Culture



I hate hipsters and their PC fucking bullshit as well. These people are fakes and a total disgrace to men an women just trying to interact.

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One of the tragedies of the modern democratic system is that the Profound Truths may become truisms, without ever being incorporated into legislative action; especially those truths that are imaginatively perceived. The hipster culture is a shining example of this flaw in American democracy, these elitist, young, often well-to-do young people populating college campuses and coffee shops nationwide claim to care about issues that matter, they fight for so-called “rights” endowed by their very existence, and they press for legislation with high-sounding slogans and catchphrases such as “Yes All Women” and “It’s On Us,” when in reality, their actions are solely self-serving to the point where it borders on sociopathic. These “hipster-elites,” “hipster-feminists” “gay rights activists” and the majority of my generation are ONLY operating in the interests of their own being. “Yes All Women” was founded in the wake of the Elliot Rodger shootings by a group of women…

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Trailer trash at it’s best!


Alaska police aren’t charging Palin family members who were involved in a brawl
The fight broke out at a friend’s house party in September
Both Track and Bristol Palin were involved and left with minor injuries

Washington (CNN) — Nobody is being charged in a drunken brawl that involved a white limousine full of members of Sarah Palin’s family, police in Alaska said Thursday.
But it sure sounds like things got out of hand, with the host of the September house party where it broke out last month saying the Palins got into a fight they “ended up losing.”
The Anchorage Police Department released a report that includes more than two pages of details about the brawl, which happened after after the former GOP vice presidential nominee’s family and friends showed up at another friend’s party. It details accusations that Bristol Palin punched the host in the face repeatedly, that Track Palin tried to start a fight with his father and more.
Here are some of the details — wildly different, depending on who’s offering the information — that Officer John Daily submitted in his official report:
Palin family involved in a brawl?
1. When he arrived, a shirtless, “heavily intoxicated” and “belligerent at first” Track Palin, Sarah Palin’s adult son, was about to step into a white limousine with his parents, Sarah and Todd. They’d all been at the party at Korey Klingenmeyer’s house.
2. Track told the officer some guys were “talking rudely” to his sisters and making them cry. So he stuck up for them. When one of his friends, identified only as Steven, got punched by one of the allegedly rude guys, the fight started. Todd said that’s when “everything escalated and it was a situation they couldn’t walk away from.”
3. Bristol Palin ended up on the ground during the fight. The Palin family said that’s because Klingenmeyer knocked her down.
4. Klingenmeyer offered a different version of the story. He told the officer he wanted to press charges against Bristol, who he said had told him “he doesn’t own this place and that she will kick his a–.” after he tried to stop her from — as another witness put it ‘– “beat[ing] the b—- up.” Then, Klingenmeyer said, Bristol hit him. He said she could “hit him again if it makes her feel better and she does.” After six or so “pretty hard” punches, he said he grabbed her first and Bristol fell down. “At that time,” the officer reported, “he said several guys from the party stepped in to help him and a fight broke out and the Palins ended up losing.”
5. Bristol “appeared heavily intoxicated and upset,” and explained that Klingenmeyer “had drug her across the lawn by her legs and was calling her a [expletive deleted] and a slut.” She explained that another girl at the party had hit one of her sisters, Willow Palin, and said that’s how things got started.
6. Track left the fight with a bloody mouth and injuries under his left eye and on his left elbow. Bristol had some dirt on her knees. Klingenmeyer “stated his face felt swollen,” but there weren’t any “obvious injuries.”

-Now here is something! The ultra Christian Righty that speaks regularly at religious colleges and other institutions of closed minded bigotry outs herself and her family as to what they truly are, classless backward trailer trash, complete with Bristol’s teenage pregnancy! Listen to  This is Sarah Palin making an absolute ass out of herself pontificating about her god and about how we are all going to Hell if we fail to lose our minds and believe in the myth too. The fact that this idiot and her band of Wal-Marters still have some sort of credibility astonishes me and all of the others that contain more than a single cell! But then I continue to say that only 10% of the population, if that, are forward thinkers, with the rest of the greater than 90% making up the fad followers/reality TV consumers/those that made that mouth breather, ( although hot ), Bristol Palin’s book a best seller. Tell me that the general population is intelligent and I will shut that automatically down with the fact that the 90% are the ones that made Bristol a millionaire before the age of 22, not to mention elevating the apish, bigoted assholes of Duck Dynasty to stellar ratings! 

Wake up, Goddammit! If you people keep being entertained by that which appeals to NASCAR mullet-wearers, then these people will continue to pollute the world with their intolerant babble!