Rev. Mark Creech Uses ‘The Bible is True Because the Bible Says It’s True’ Argument to Call Out Ron Reagan

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Originally posted on Divided Under God:

Rev. Mark Creech, a columnist at the Christian Post, published an article this morning addressing Ron Reagan’s participation in last year’s ad. The 30-second spot continues to be aired on TV and shared on the internet.  Most notably, it has been shown on CNN and during the Daily Show on Comedy Central.  In the video, Reagan identifies himself as an “unabashed atheist” and proclaims that he’s not afraid of burning in hell (because he doesn’t believe it exists).

Rev. Creech decided to voice his opinion on the ad, essentially using Bible verses to show that Reagan is a fool and is wrong about God.  Just like every other Christian apologist, Creech relies on excerpts from a book that has never been proven to be true to “prove” that Reagan’s assessment of the existence of a deity is false.  Wait, what?  By that logic, we could also assume that somewhere…

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Being Pro-Choice Was a Nail in the Coffin for Me


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Part of what went into brainwashing my daughters was that they were taught that you can’t be a baby-killer and expect to make it to heaven. I was placed in that group because I supported a woman’s right to choose in the matter of whether or not to have an abortion.

I tell you this, because if you happen to belong to a “divided house,” with one spouse holding a Christian mentality that believes they have the direct pipeline to God, and therefore, can damn you in your children’s eyes — beware! It does happen, and put the nail in my coffin in my daughters’ eyes. Find out more at Amazon.

Baby Killer

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