Hey Y’all

Not alot of time to post today so I will share a joke that I heard.

Remember the movie ‘Precious’? It shoulda been called Spacious, and the only reason she was cryin in the movie is because someone stole her 10 piece chicken McNuggets!

I thought it was funny. Anyway, my pearl of the day is simple. At war with a family member? If so please remember that grudges grow with time, and if it’s a close member you may not want to throw the relationship away. Small piece of advice, but so many people don’t listen to it. My brother-in-law is being a judgemental douche and won’t say that he is sorry for being a penile wart, but I am going to reach out to him ( with a gloved hand in case the wart explodes ), and hopefully repair things a little. Until then, I will keep working on my screenplay casting Kirstie Alley as a serial killer who smothers people with her gunt!

















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