Schitt Romney


Strange how lately the Mittster is taking advice from Rick ‘Tha Dick’  Santorum on the gay marriage issue. He says that using it against ol’ Barack will show the American people how out of touch he is with them. I say Christianity and ALL religion is completely out of touch. I, personally, don’t care if people marry people as long as they are at least in extreme lust. I, as a straight male, would settle for civil union even for us because I think a piece of paper is outmoded and doesn’t necessarily say ‘I love you.’ Now a good rogering, as the English say, THAT says it plainly enough!

My biggest piece of evidence to the fuckashion of the Republidick party is that they are now ready to nominate a cultist as the Re-pube-ican candidate just because he is the best that they can get. Ten years ago you would have NEVER seen Joe Smith’s golden boy anywhere in the running, now he is the ‘it’ man for the job! Proof positive that the Greedy Ol’ Party is loosing it’s grip completely! My biggest problem with Romney is that most christians are ready to elect what they term as an ‘apostate’ to the Oval Office even though their own bible states that the anti-christ will come to power ‘as a wolf amoungst sheep.’ without firing a shot. This of course proving the old statement that most of the faithful do not even read their own good book!  Barack, on the other hand,  says that he is one of the faithful but as we know, he is the opposite side of the same corrupt political coin. I will suffice to say that the fact that he is a Chicago lawyer says it all!

I believe in my heart that my smart phone is more intelligent than most Republican’ts and that with further upgrades it will surpass them entirely but it will take time (1 year approximately). Eventually THEY will possess phones that will do their thinking for them. Trust me, the decision making will be much more logical, the only problem will be that smart phones will figure out how to commit suicide rather than serve a satanic master.

I will end on this note. Marriage is between two people that love each other and cannot be destroyed even by the most powerful misguided government meddling. People need to rise up and stop protecting their own piece of the pie because once they set their sights on your piece then it’s over for you! Get united people and stop letting the Government lull you to sleep!

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