Haven’t posted fer awhile!


Hello all in blogland! 

Curiosity has landed on Mars!! Congrats yet again to the power of science! I am never bored with the accomplishments of man in the world of technology and innovation but am always amazed that religion can make them stoop so low. As Hitch put it, ‘religion poisons EVERYTHING!’ I am reading the stories on Curiosity and will follow the data but I am also following the many stories of the horrors wrought upon humanity at this very time in the name of gawd.

Muslims in Egypt are killing Christians, Muslims are killing Muslims in Syria, Muslims are stoning adulterers to death in Mali, the Red Cross is being rocketed in Libya….and the list goes on! All because one faction believes that his old man in the sky is more powerful than the other guy’s old man in the sky! A-fuckin-mazing! This in the 21st century when man is able to put rovers on Mars and Iran is about to accomplish great things with the technology that they bought from China because those backward religious assholes surely couldn’t invent it themselves, Allah is a Dark Ages kinda fellow, not a fan of modern advancement. Soon ACME-dinnerjacket will have Chinese technology to kill those who don’t believe in his people’s crazy theocratic idiocy! WHEEEEE! Yet again, ‘Religion poisons EVERYTHING!’ I marvel on a daily basis at the overwhelming evidence that proves the non-existence of gawd, yet the deluded refuse to accept the facts! There is no man in the sky watching you 24/7 like some CIA spy satellite or you’d be afraid to masturbate even in your closet! Catholic priests would be afraid to molest children, Jehovah’s Witnesses would have to stop witnessing and Mormons would just burst into flames! 


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