Life must still be interesting because I still laugh at dick and fart jokes and find the word ‘vagina’ to be funny. In this political climate of total ignorance you have to have something to laugh at besides the pitiful excuses they call candidates for president. I,for one, thought that Morgan Freeman in Deep Impact was a great president and my all time favorite to this day is still Martin Sheen, I just wish he would run again but with Charlie’s bullshit I doubt he would have a chance in Hell at re-election so fuck it! I’m voting for my wife’s dildo because it still makes her happy and seems to be fine and ‘upstanding,’ plus it has never lied or made it’s intentions unclear!

Dildos aside, I feel very ambivalent about the election this year and intend to stay away from the polls this time due to the fact that voting for the best idiot no longer appeals to me. One is a self-avowed apostate of Hell, a Mormon( according to most Christians only 10 yrs ago ), and the other one is a Chicago lawyer who represents a party of equal and outright liars on the flip side of the Republicunts. Demoncrats and Republicunts, what a choice! We Atheists have NO dog in the race! 90% of the diseased cattle in this country STILL identify with one of the obviously mythical GAWDS that represent the religious community of the U.S. Ninety percent!! I still find it unbelievable in a time of advanced science that so many of these complete idiots still hold to primative beliefs in an old man who watches from above! If this is true then He sees me every time I stroke my cock or imagine being sucked off by that sexy pilot chick in Armageddon, and this makes me just feel violated Goddammit! Does the motherfucker turn his head and let me have a moments peace or does he whip it out and stroke it himself!? I want to know!

Right now we have unrest in the Middle East, WHAAAT!!! this is sooo unusual!! Illiterate fanatics taking offense to the portrayal of their immoral child molesting non-prophet being portrayed as an immoral child molesting piece of shit! Whoa!!! Fuck Mewhammwad in his ass by the way. I am so tired and over people’s religious bullshit and could care less about whether they are insulted or not! Fuck you Westboro Ass-raping Baptist Church and to all the Phelps klan for being freaks of nature and fucking idiots! People get cancer and get raped or find out that their husband is their father( real shit bra! ), and it all turns out to be part of GOD’S PLAN! Fucking pueling ignorance and superstition you fucking retards! Get real! I realize that the fear of death is really overwhelming, but making up superior beings based on absolutely NO evidence just makes you look idiotic!

The summary here is FUCK gawd’s plan and get real folks, when you die you join energy that has no individuality at all! Conservation of energy, one of the laws of thermodynamics, a scientific law! Dig it! After accepting this you will realize that a church makes a really cool house! Find one, buy it, customize it! Desecrate it by having lots of sex in it!! I try not to be this ‘in your face’ about it but I am really having a hard time with my own politicians apologizing to the ‘muzz’ regarding a film that didn’t even make it to theaters. We have free speech in this country and most of the rioters live in countries with 60-80% illiteracy! Fuck them and fuck the politics involved. I know that the GUB is evil but I did not authorize sale of weapons to these countries, my ‘leaders’n did! If there is a problem with this then kill them not me! Emmigrate to Islam-friendly countries, not western europe or the U.S! I am working to stop religion, it poisons EVERYTHING! So please go somewhere else and practice your myths somewhere else! We are fighting enough of our own! So, FUCK GOD and bless all of you! Till next time, keep your head up, not bowed to the homage of a mythical god! Galen the anti-theist out!!

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