State of greed


As I goddamned live and breathe from day to day, I am beginning to understand more why people are sounding of on the fucked up condition of the once great United States. I watch as greed swallows up all of the ideals and decency of the working people and deposits it in the form of currency onto the golden steps of the robber barons of the new age of unreason. More of the assets of the working class get stolen every minute as the workers themselves blindly defend the assholes who are bending them over the proverbial counter! People who bitch are told by the rich that their feellings are sour grapes for not working hard enough or inventing the better mousetrap. They are accused of being jealous of the fortunate even though it only comes down to asking what is wrong with morons who flock to social network and make a hoodie-clad idiot one of the richest superficial assholes of the modern era. It comes down to the majority of the TV drugged populace paying more attention to the trailer trash genetically deficient antics of ‘Honey Boo-Boo’ and to the drama and subliminally methy theatrics of the Kartrashians.

The people are definitely becoming increasingly desensitized to the value of what I call ‘Uncommon Sense’. Uncommon because so few of us in this modern world possess it and uncommon because of the fact that it carries no more importance or impact on our society anymore and is lost as we try to immerse ourselves in the latest fad or offshoot of PC bullshit. Humanity of today seems to be overly obsessed with distancing itself from the natural and twisting itself into the unnatural. We seek to stuff foriegn substances up our assholes to clean them out, we stuff shit up our dog’s asshole to clean HIM out instead of seeking out the right foods to NATURALLY induce shitting! We go to dayspas which feature the most asenine crap that absolutely does not work and further distance ourselves from the reality of the world stimulus around us, we hide in the cacophony of city noise for the convenience of living next to our favorite Starbucks, we wear stupid clothes and adopt stupid feelgood politics designed to insulate us from harsh realities that would require us to get up off of our collective fat fucking assess to fix. The list goes on!

Things are not getting better and we are not ‘evolving’ as the hipster assholes and the tweedy liberal asshole professors claim that we are! We are becoming a society of drugged, euphoric, high-on-media shitheels that make perfect puppets for the powerful to control and manipulate to do their bidding, and we LIKE it!! We thrive on it! The most widespread addiction in our society today is the numbing of feelings and awareness that protect us from becoming victims to the more powerful predator who, by the way, is usually another human being.

Say goodbye to the sensibilities of ridding the country of murderers and rapists, we are too ‘evolved for that! Forget doing away with career criminals or having chain gangs designed to work these assholes in the fields, we can have illegal muderers, alcoholics/drug addicts, child molesters do it for us while we have the over-privileged assholes in prison becoming  jailhouse lawyers to overturn child killing convictions on our dime! FUCK IT!!

Ah, why don’t we all just stick lavender water up our assholes and send taxis to pick up our dogs at the day spa and forget trying to stop the billionaires from fucking up our world. We will be soylent green after a while anyway! If not, the lights will be off and I will be hunting these assholes with a bow and arrows. See all of you soon thru the rambling of my senseless blog! Remember….sleep well and Dancing with the Stars is quality programming!

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