New Year….


Hey all,

Still lovin’ tha atheist thing. I want to put forth though, the idea that I have. I do believe in a non-diety based collection of energy related to the termination of sentient life. I do believe that the sentient life gathers with sentient life forces in a collective mass that is separate from the destruction of non-sentient forms of energy. I believe that when a sentient form of life is extinguished that the force dissapates into the greater force of being forming a non-individual piece of energy. What this is I do not know and makes me suffer thru the cynical gauntlet of traditional atheism. I am not a hater but I AM a scientist who does NOT believe in the foolish deist crap that the sheep of the majority believe in. I have my own thoughts on the end of life.

I believe that energy is neither created nor destroyed, but I believe that the existence of a ‘god’ to conserve it is absolutely ridiculous in this day and age! The belief in ‘god’ is big time passe in that it requires that the believer put himself WAYYYY out there in personal belief and faith!  Churches LOVE the faith factor in that the weak will turn to something that they cannot see to validate the mythalogical shit that they believe in!

I always say to believe in something you cannot see and see if it happens over the shit you have prayed for……Usually the devout set are dissapointed and bereft and the faithless are un convinced. Fuck the New Year and don’t have faith in the shit of the future!!


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