You’ve heard the weak old christian diatribe about proof and faith where the faithful( mislead ), try to debunk facts with absolutely no proof whatsoever? Yeah, they get condescending and holy about things and weak agnostic replies don’t hold up because the christian may or may not have some good debating skills. The agnostic may have no information beyond disbelief and appears to flounder in the arguement when all they had to do was ask the other person to provide a shred of documented proof!

I was talking to a person recently, who was a christian apologetic, ( as Hichens explained, I will not afford christianity the right to legitimacy by capitalizing certain words ), who often made the false assertion that he had scientific proof of his religion’s authenticity. He, of course, could cite only christian backed sources without the credibility of the credentials of say, a Neil DeGrasse Tyson or a Stephen Hawking so we know right off that this so-called proof was hogwash and the fucking hog was sparkling! He went on to cite some sources that asserted that certain bible events COULD have occurred but the proof was not there and the evidence pointed to events that could have easily been used by bronze-age primitives to explain the existence of their god but were really just natural occurrences. The modern day equivalent would be to say that the recent meteor strike over Russia was an omen from GOD! You see, ‘wise men’ can use any large astronomical or weather event to benefit stories of an omnipotent being, but in truth an observant person can debunk this horseshit with simple observance and use of research tecniques.

I listen very carefully to debates on just about any subject, but have had my most ‘What the fuck?’ moments regarding religion and the self-righteous shit that goes with it. My friend the apologetic was going to nursing school when I met him and had sent his wife and 2 kids to her mother’s house because they could weather school cheaper that way. The wife is a prison guard and makes decent money and they both decided that nursing school would benefit them financially. They are both church goers and clean-cut folks who seemed to ‘love the lord.’ Well, he commenced to living in an RV and lived sparsely to save and was doing very well at it……until he found out that prior to setting up the current arrangement, his wife had been hiding a year long affair with one of her co-workers! When it was established that he was officially set up in another state, ( Oregon for him, Arizona for her ), she moved in with her boyfriend and immediately placed him in the father role to the kids. She got a lawyer and established custody, used her badge status as a prison guard to add legitimacy to her case and the uniforms closed rank against the non-cop! My friend was officially locked out of his whole family and thrust into the red tape of the court system.

The wife’s father is a Lutheran minister and knew about the adultery and lies and sat back saying nothing about it! My friend who has never been abusive to his wife, sat bereft as the system took care of the badge,( wife ), and treated him as a criminal with no rights. All of his prayers fell on deaf ears as he fell farther and farther into depression. This man demonstrated faith every minute of his being and presented that kind, clerical demeanor, never getting overly angry and never cursing. Like Job of the bible it appeared as though his god was playing Russian Roulette with yet another innocent soul. I explained my lack of belief and he didn’t really attack but listened with a good ear gently trying to convince me that I could be wrong. I, of course, knew that if there was SOME force in the universe controlling our sentient energy that it was in some way scientifically explainable and not his god. He did not fight me on that.

During his trials and tribs he did loosen up a little and I actually heard him question his faith a time or two. I never wished for this because this guy is the nicest guy in the world and did not deserve to be trampled on. Also, I could identify with him because 15 years ago my mother-in-law pulled the same shit on me and convinced my wife to kick me out of MY own house. ( Mom-in-law is still to this day a grifting user/loser with no work ethic and an addiction to prescription drugs.).

The purpose to this tale is to demonstrate the ridiculous claim that a cosmic dictator above who hears all and sees governs the universe, but I’m sure that most christians don’t even believe it. I know I don’t believe it because we have a Pope in Rome who is the right hand of god to watch us in the shower as we’re masturbating! Funny how Darth Vader was at least able to Force-choke someone in response to their blasphemy but christians are unable to even do that!

Well, I will be back from eating babies and wallowing in sin soon! Right now I have some copies of The Watchtower to deface and put in public places, and I’m gonna go track some mud onto the white carpet at the Mormon Temple! Peace-out fellow Hell-bound folks!



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