To my commenters in the pews…..


I recieved a message from a church pastor eluding to enormous guessing on my part regarding the evidence against christianity. My reply is simply, I did not make up the thousands of scientific articles that I have read that absolutely refute everything written in the bible. I did not verbally own some of the most educated theologians in the world, Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins did, and handily. I did not cobble together a book that has been proven a fraud by several of the most gifted language and handwriting experts of our time!

My task has simply been to help spread this information to help bring about a greater reason in society, to free it from the bigotry of religion. As an anti-theist, it is my duty to point out the obvious contridictions and inconsistencies in religious material. I have not even scratched the surface! I will be including ALL of the major religions just as Hitchens and Dawkins have! Stay tuned, and my obvious disdain goes out to the faithful who think that a lack of evidence equals facts!

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