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Hello one and all! I am really gettin’ down on my Youtube channel Hitchens67 and have posted some awesome special effects laden shit! I am proud of my postings and have downloaded software to improve the special effect contained therein but am learning to use it still. I have thebraveatheist Facebook page and encourage my blog followers to go to that site as well. I had to give off my ‘Kitty’ just now because she is an evil kitty and I was about to bite her little nose……..Sorry! I’m back. I have these moments where I have to grab my evil kitty and bite her little face and ingest a piece of her nose but my wife grabbed her and saved her from my act of twisted love and her nose is spared. Thank Heezus!

Anyway, I am posting more elaborate videos to Hitchens67 and hope to reach more atheists and agnostics/skeptics thru this form of media so stay tuned for more exciting shizzle my nizzle! Yo Yo to the hiz ho my blizzoggerz! No Snoop Dog am I!

The topic today is going to be Jeziz witout da reeee-lijin! Some say that Jesus and his ‘Father’ Gawd, hated religion because it created a following that detracted from individual thought. This is true of ALL mainstream religion. You have to adhere as an acolyte to the teachings of the doctrine to truly be a follower of the sect described. As an individual, you are expected to adhere to a doctrine of no evidence and no reason and preach it to others as stated in the doctrine of your Lord. There is no illustration more clearer of a follower-based religion than a one that is proseletysed to another as an absolute truth!

You see my problem? You still have no evidence but are proseletyzing. I see no difference, and my good friend who is a Roman Catholic still is able to furnish more compelling evidence that the Catholic Church is the church of the last living apostle of Christ! The term Catoliticos appears in literature as old as 100 years post death of Christ and no other religion is able to come close!

Islam is a rip-off of christianity written by a man who ended up uniting the warring tribes of the Middle East under one religion. This religion, as with others, has no basis in truth but is adhered to by illiterates of many under developed nations. My disbelief happens when I read of the many discoveries by Islamic scholars that changed the world but seems in modern days as an ancient religion of oppression and violence. I say dispense with religion because it has run it’s cours. According to perspective in The Blue Dot by Carl Sagan, we are insignificant when viewed by a spacecraft that WE HAVE BUILT 3.7 BILLION miles away from the Earth. We invented this, not GOD. Sagan mused that ateists must be smarter than he because they knew 100% that god did not exist, and he did not claim to know this for 100% sure because he did not have irrefutable evidence.

We atheists go the extra mile and say that the burden of proof lies on the theist to prove that the Bronze-age myth of religion can be further justified in the modern age. I see it as a cause to further the age of reason and logic in a new century. I also find it incomprehensible that the fucking fucks of the bronze-age still have such a Goddamned large following in an age when it is obvious that the whole thing is of NO EVIDENCE!

Jesus himself had no backing from his wife when she said ‘Fucker! Go get a Yourdamned job.’ She said,  ‘I am tired of feeding your fucking loser followers and anybody who says that they fucking believe. Fuck ’em.’

Religion is just a situation. Period. Strong, charismatic people tell the lemming populace that a holy precedent needs to be forwarded and the vacuous mind becomes complicit with a carefully wound arguement. See Benny Hinn, Joel Shitsteen, Creflo Fuckstick, and other assholes who needed cash at the expense of simple-minded idiots who would swallow astounding bullshit stories from ancient times!

See your bible for what it is! See the passages of tolerance of slavery, beating of women, and kiling of innocent people because of non-conformity. See the ancient adherences to intolerance and to the acceptence of murder and bigotry due to the advocations to ancient bullshit. See the Catholic Church and it’s history of pedophelia supported by several popes and countless clergy moved to prevent the discovery of the wide-spread acceptence by the church!

Evidence to be shared in the future on this site by court supported documents and other proof. Catholics and other religions still have no concrete proof or other evidence to support their position of utter shame in the cover-up of pedophilia by priests and others. Shame on you bastards for using excuses to explain your crimes instead of exposing your bastard ass pedophiles to the world! Fuck you and fuck Catholics everywhere! Hopefully you dumb bastards can do better than a Hitler Youth Pope in the next election. I really hope that this asshole Cardinal can un-fuck your stupid church just enough to make it viable to a chimpanzee.

Thank Youn my Peeps and a non-religious Easter to all Y’All!!


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