Articles, articles and more articles!


I hate to gloat oh faithful flock of minions, but I post, yet again, just a small article among MILLIONS that prove that the the bible is an insignificant speck on an insignificant speck in just one galaxy among MILLIONS of other galaxies that contain billions of other planets! We are but a blue speck in our own little corner of space and have no effect on the greater scheme. If I could put a christian in a spacecraft and place him/her 3.7 Billion miles away from the Earth I think ideas and beliefs would change in that little ship!

3 thoughts on “Articles, articles and more articles!

  1. stoicatheist

    I doubt it. the one thing a believer CAN reason is their need to believe. it is a force unto itself. It is a self-centric motivation. only stoicism can relieve you of the needs of the ego. I had mine removed.

    • Stoic my man, you are sooo right! The more I back up MY arguments against religion, the angrier the believers get! They are infuriated when people point out elementary proof against faith! I am a fan of Sagan, Tyson, Hawking, etc. and delve into scientific study as a hobby, not because of obligation to complete a degree or to publish a paper! I simply love science! The biggest contradiction I have found are scientists that also are deists. This, I think, just proves my Lemming Theory of Mankind; yes, I am actually conducting experiments as to why human beings act like such automatons when it come to religion, pop culture, fashion and the like. Early indoctrination, low self-esteem and fear seem to be central factors.

      • stoicatheist

        Scientists that also are deists are hedging their bets–I’d expect more of a scientist. Fav. clip embedded here: H (Tyson warns Dawkins that he’s probably making people hate atheists)

        I’d like to do a heaven experiment: subject believers to endless days of “pure bible happiness” and see how long before they got bored cause there was no internet or sex. For now, I do this: I walk to the edge of a curb where there are people waiting, then I start to step off the curb into traffic– EVERY TIME someone follows me.

        People are Neos in need of a Morpheus. The matrix ain’t so bad.

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