Daybreak part 1


My bloggodytes! I rejoice at your input and celebrate your intelligence! I see that the reality shows are the most popular and that the gossip rags are  the most purchased. Fucked huh? These are the 80 to 90% that claim that they are religious or agnostic, or as John Stewart says, ‘atheists without balls.’ I would not trust these idiots with the remote control to my TV set let alone the ability to counsel me on religion! Watching Cloud Atlas, The Movie, I am reminded by the low ratings that the average person does not understand any complexity beyond Snooki’s life story and that the Kardashians fill most people’s TV experience.

I, on the other hand, watch documentaries and movies that stimulate the mind such as Cloud Atlas, and Carbonnation and see them for the piece of art that they are. I am not a pretentious asshole but I do know that TV is rotting our brains and spirits and needs to be eradicated. CNN plays to knee-jerk liberalism and Fox plays to Knee-jerk conservatism. These are two extremes that use no logic whatsoever and rely on knee-jerk reaction. When you knee-jerk any way you reject logic and support extreme. Liberals want to socialize EVERYTHING and conservatives want to break the backs of unions and kill welfare. I just want welfare reform in the name of  education over handout and unions able to fire idiot workers too incompetent to do the job!

This is my shit out in the open! Mormons please quit stopping at my door and JW’s get the fuck outta here! Cult shit seems so acceptable today due to PC bullshit today! The Palinites continue to call for Alaskan drilling yet appose the proliferation of wind farms and solar energy arrays even as the expert say that green energy is the answer. Green energy IS the answer and GOD has NOT foreseen this!

We have exceeded 400pp/m carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and are soaring down the path to self  destruction! The end game is inevitable and is only slowly reversible if humans are ALL on board, but we are not! We have a large section of the population that believes that we should drill, drill, drill! Doing this is going to doom our cities to flooding in the near future causing war for resources to and aggression for the acquisition of land!  If we act now, we shall keep our population under control, but if we continue now, we shall battle each other for land. We are headed for the Cloud Atlas model of life but we can change this! Don’t help the able-bodied and offer the disabled a hand up only!

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