I have to say that I understand little of the politics that are prevalent in today’s arena. I see that the terrorist assholes from Boston received asylum in this country all the while traveling back and forth to the same oppressive country that they were supposedly fleeing from. I also see that they received over $100,000 in financial aid from the Govt. since 2002 while people who were born in this country are either struggling or trying to go to school on a shoestring! On top of that we allow people to flow across the border who have not been screened for criminal records and create thousands upon thousands of anchor babies that qualify for welfare benefits! We also have extreme poverty in many communities all the while importing thousands of unskilled people that will need to, wait for it……GO ON WELFARE!! Why are we importing poor people when we have a shitload here that we are not trying to assist? Give the money to colleges to educate people who were born here first and stem the hemorrhagic flow of tax dollars to foreign nationals!

What is even more tragic is that one of these radical myth-worshiping douchnozzles pops up on the radar of DHS and somehow slips through the system costing four people their lives and 170 people injured! Also, why in the fucking world would someone NOT pop up on the radar just for having a Youtube channel filled with anti-American Muslim rants? As Bill Mahar said, “These are the ones that are actually carrying out their threats, these are the people to be worried about.” If Bill Mahar is speaking out then it should show intelligent people that they can speak out! Moderate Muslims are what is called ‘sleeper cells.’ These people are decrying violence but will ally themselves with the person with the biggest gun. They are MUSLIMS! They will follow MUSLIMS! These people are lying dormant in wait for their comrades to breed out the infidel, which is what the imams have said that they are doing in Western Europe! Both Left AND Right are saying this, it IS NOT paranoia or hearsay, it is FACT!

In summary, I am trying to ‘out’ the fanatics, which includes all people who are deluded enough to take commands from an imaginary friend. When you speak to yourself they usually put you in a padded room and evaluate for schizophrenia, but when you talk to The Great Sky Fairy they call you faithful! To this I say “what the fuck!”

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