Not exactly atheism but…


I really dislike my in-laws. What a bunch of maladjusted self centered egotists. They both waste their productive years partying, screwing off on responsibility and making their children suffer all the way. Mom the drug addict and sociopath who can lie to anyone with the conviction of fucking Gandhi and the self loathing father who spent 30 years gambling and boozing and can’t understand why defeatist attitudes have lead to his ruin. He hates me because I have a ‘never give up’ attitude and refuse to let my problems get in the way of my children. I work hard in a dog-eat-dog world and will do what I have to to keep my family solvent and her father hates me for that. He hates me because he sees me as a threat and can’t understand why I am so driven. He sees in me what he does not have and despises me for it. The only reason that they bother me is that they are living with me currently and it has been left to me to tell them that the arrangement is not working out. Sucks for me, I get all of their grief and bullshit! Peace fellow bloggers!

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