So true…


I know that some of the faithful will say that I am being elitist and I don’t care! If religion EVER brings about the advances that science has then I will gladly shut my cake hole, but that would be like asking Tyson’s above mentioned chimp to invent the warp drive! When brilliant minds produce statements like the above and are challenged by religious people, I liken it to a 3rd grader weighing in on a conversation between Harvard grad students! They just don’t get it and never will until they realize that god is a myth only!

I had a response to one of my blog posts by someone who just doesn’t get that Creation cannot even be tested into a scientific theory! He said the I hadn’t made any points by pointing out that it is ridiculous to blindly follow a religion of concepts stolen from other older pagan religions! In other words, this person could not see an intelligent argument because it insulted his myth! I guess that the reason it bothers me is that I still can’t believe that there are that many deluded people still in existence! 

One thought on “So true…

  1. There are many deluded people in the world because when they learned about life their teachers were not teaching the controversy, they were teaching religion as fact. If people had taught them that there are many ways to think about origins and religion X is just one of them, these people would more readily convert when given the facts they need to decide. It’s difficult to simply wake up one day and know that everyone you love lied to you all your life… and be okay with that.

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