Marriage equality and lemmings


I would just like to say that I have supported marriage equality from the beginning and am glad that the states are finally falling into agreement with the civilized world. I say that all people should be able to enjoy a 60% divorce rate equally and equitably. Not to say that it isn’t an issue of rights, but I have to ask why gays would actually want in on an outdated custom? That’s just my two cents. But this is truly an issue that has demonstrated the close mindedness of the religious and deserves to be addressed.I think that a relationship CAN be validated without marriage and that it is better off without it! I have also been reminded by people who are gay that WE, the breeders, are the ones overpopulating the Earth. By that logic gay people are the solution! Religion has the mindless masses overrunning the Earth so if more gay people are born then the balance will return. I find this comforting so get married if that is what you want and be well among free thinking allies! I also hope that gays everywhere will reject religion as the persecuting force that it is. Jesus was invented. Yahweh’s believers work to destroy what they do not understand, so reject it and be better for it!

Remember that the reason that free thinkers discriminate against religious groups, especially the Muslims, is that these people would execute homosexuals if they had the rule of law. That is why we fight as hard as we do to keep religion out of our public forums. It’s because of the close minded thinking practiced by those who can be convinced to believe in something that they can neither see nor prove. It is because of the pliable mentality that these misguided individuals exhibit that makes them dangerous to others. It is their ability to zone out on the T.V and live vicariously through celebrities that keeps them stupid and worshiping deities. How can a thinking person actually contribute to aggrandizing a fabrication and an obvious one at that? It is in the human genome that is why! It’s in our makeup to be lemmings but some of us have escaped this. For what reason? Maybe to be the leaders of the survivors that are left when the idiots of humanity fuck us over with their incredible stupidity! But until then we must suffer the groupthink of the majority. 

The majority has always been open to suggestion by excitation and charismatic shuck and jive. The minority, for some perverse reason, has been relegated to watch these idiots run everything into the ground over religion and the inability to be cohesive. The fact that the nation has been reduced to the infighting of the two parties tells quite a tale of the sleepy nature of mankind. Just put a little fairy dust,( or as I call it, The Lord Thy God’s dust ), on the downy hair of a human being and tell them that everything is hunky dorey and they fall right asleep and oppose no one! Wheee! Magic! Sleep you stupid bastards while the politicians pull the wool over your eyes and turn you into a nation of slave laborers! Let the conglomerates buy up everything and keep people from affording to start businesses! Yes, as the ‘majority’ sleeps their way through life wasting money on churches and flirting with the glory of GOD, the status quo continues unabated! As I said before, I believe that free thinkers were probably put in place to save the sociological experiment that we call Man. Save as in when you put too many fucking rats in a cage, they start to eat each other as we are doing now, and disease breaks out and decimates whole sections of the race. When this is over, all that would be left are the people that were smart enough to see this coming and who weren’t lulled into a false sense of security by assholes not qualified to even lull you to sleep! Well, I must go and stir up dissent somewhere else in the lemming habitat, so keep thinking for yourself and resist going with the flow. The flow usually leads you nowhere!


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