OK goddammit, if you tell me that we are experiencing end-times prophecy the I will assume that your tiny little brain generates JUUUST enough electricity to operate your lungs only. There IS no god that watches over and protects one species only among several million. We will pass from the Earth as everything ELSE over time does and we will be forgotten by that which takes our place! No, Tom Cruise will NOT come along in the nick of time and save humanity thus proving that scientology IS the one true religion! Will Smith and Jaden will NOT return to Earth in the future to regale the ruling insect culture with shitty, over blown bullshit movies, and a shitload of people will NOT be Left Behind for Kirk Cameron to tell them ‘I fucking told you so!’ Besides, Kirk would piss his little god-fearing panties if the word ‘fuck’ escaped his reverent mouth!

My version of Hell would be a place with golden sidewalks and sunny weather where an almighty being watches me 24/7 even when I’m taking a shit or beating the bishop, ( great reference in an atheist post huh?). It would be populated with the likes of Benny Hinn, Jimmy Swaggert, Joel ‘the hole’ Osteen, and my personal favorite, CREFLO DOLLAR!!!! I would be forced to live among these assholes listening to them prattle on forever about the glory of our benevolent dictator and his son the gardener Heysooss! Yeah, happy cloud thoughts of a bullet tearing thru my addled brain and gloriously relieving me of having to listen to these cretinous degenerates! I’ll take a Hell of tortured souls screaming and of demons skull fucking me till eternity before I’d give it up to being the minion of a cosmic Kim Jong Un whom I have to constantly stroke to be called faithful! Thank GOD I’m an atheist and don’t believe in god! 

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