I’m still heeeere!!


WARNING: This blog entry may contain content insulting to just about everyone. Please proceed with care. 

I have taken a small sabbatical from posting because my daughter spilled juice on my computer and it’s toast! I am here at work posting with limited time but at least I’m able to lend to the chaos that is having a strong opinion. The good news is that marriage equality is gaining good ground every day and the NSA is keeping us really safe by watching us masturbate! We wouldn’t want those goddamned terrorists assembling bombs on OUR dick-beating time now would we? The debate on Syria has taken a different turn with our staunch ally Great Britain saying, “Cheerio you stupid fucks, hows about you bankrupt yourselves going to war with yet ANOTHER bunch of assholes who hate us!’ Outstanding! I say, let us send them our street bums in the form of Soylent Green and concentrate our money over here on at least attempting to solve one whole domestic problem! We have several unfinished ones that we never seem to use total concentration on before we move onto the next one that we will leave hanging. The light bulb headed idiot in the White House has issued a statement that the right thing to do is to initiate yet ANOTHER ill-conceived strike on yet ANOTHER Middle Eastern nation resulting in yet ANOTHER financial downturn for the people that actually support this country, the middle class! But take heart citizens, the super rich will war profiteer off of this one too and you will receive only bullshit rhetoric from the AIC ( Assholes in Charge ). Why just a little while ago Halliburton was fleecing our own soldiers for poor to non-existent services and overcharging the Gub for fuel! Ahhh, the memories!

Well, saddle up America! You’re the ones sitting back and letting this shit happen and just voting in the next mouthpiece for the rich, so enjoy the ride while Souros, the Koch brothers, Eric Prince and a long list of other evil assholes gobble up your money and trash your economy once more!

Kids here are going hungry as we spend millions of tax dollars helping ungrateful nations and giving welfare to idiots that will never find their way in life. We spend millions doing surgery on idiot drug addicts and other reprobates so that they can go right back on the street and use again. The choice should go to those that are in real need and those who don’t need should be given the shine! The people of this country need to get their collective heads out of their collective fat asses and get some real values back! There are children dying in every third world nation across the globe, but we need to bomb Syria to save the most publicized ones?! Get real! I had some ignorant lemming compare us not going to war with Syria like hesitating to save Europe from Hitler! Really?! The social PC pressure is on to completely back the insane decisions of Obama The Christ and leave common sense in the dust. Sorry, the people in the Middle East will be killing each other for years to come AFTER the Syrian conflict is a distant memory in everyone’s eyes because that is the way of fanatical religion and despotic dictatorships!

I, for one, am totally against this insanity unless we go over and bulldoze the whole thing and put up hotels and 7-11s to compensate for the lost funds footed by the middle class. I will now end this rant before I go totally overboard  and turn to attacking welfare idiots again. Thanks again to the unfaithful for tuning in again to my never ending angst!

2 thoughts on “I’m still heeeere!!

  1. If only you would not hold back…. Reading this entire rant is like revisiting the conversations that my spouse and myself have over coffee on the deck on the weekends. (In fact, I may just save time expressing my own thoughts this morning, by taking my laptop out on the deck this morning for our Sunday morning coffee and lead in to the conversation by saying: “Hey hon, you know what I think”, then just read your post.) Among the things about this EXCELLENT post (well… rant) is that you so well state the feelings of the intellectually alive by describing your feelings as “a never ending angst”. The anxiety and the frustration of dealing with “the herd of humanity” goes beyond words (well, I thought so till I read this post).

    I also intend to save this post for my next “shall I vote” conversation with my wife. This past major election voting cycle I won her over to the dark side (she did not vote). Periodically, she feels guilty about not voting like her cynical spouse. The next time she is plagued by such feelings of regret, I think I will merely cite “Hitchens rant, Sept 1, 2013” as a reminder that “yes sweetie, insanity does prevail; the world is just as crazy as we thought, and no, it will not matter which corporate puppet we vote for, the insanity and insensitivity will only continue”

    Hitch, your off the cuff rant would have fit into our Sunday morning coffee so well I intend to pour you a cup and set a place for you at our table out on the deck merely out of respect for one who is as frustrated at “the herd of humanity” as are my wife and I!!!!

    • Holy(and I use that term lightly), shit! My entire response just disappeared off of the screen as if Jesus himself were punishing me for not believing in him! I was saying in my miraculously deleted post, that I thank you for your most generous praise and will continue to do my best to provide articles that are relevant and geared to the forward-thinking. I will enjoy the spiritual cup of joe and continue to bash the corporate ass-leeches that are our elected puppets! I daresay that I will not be reporting from Syria anytime soon, at least until Light bulb head takes my advice and steam rolls the place to put up pork farms. Thanks for the cup of Joe, I’m gonna need it after working 16hrs tonite!

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