Practical issues of space colonization: numbers and codes


Lagrangian Republican Association

When we are creating a new society in space, there are a lot of practical issue we have to deal with. Many authors of space colonization tend to ignore those issues, or believe someone else will deal with it. We are happy to be that “someone else”.

Everyday we are dealing with a multitude of numbers, and not only to express quantities. Most of these “numbers” are actually codes or even names, because they identify places, persons, thing etcetera. In this post we will discuss postal codes, telephone numbers and debit card numbers .

Postal codes

We believe, and with us many others, that the advancements in optical character recognition have made the entire idea of postal codes obsolete. Most countries introduced postal codes after the second world war, for a more efficient distribution by making sorting of post easier. Computers can nowadays read most handwritings, and therefore adding a…

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