Quotes from the Hadith – A lesson on shitting


What comes to my mind...

First, let us define what is Hadith, using a simple Google search typing “what is Hadith”. The exact definition in English would appear as the first result (try it yourself if you do not trust me)

Acollection of traditions containing sayings of the prophet Muhammad that, with accounts of his daily practice (the Sunna), constitute the major source of guidance for Muslims apart from the Koran.

I will not interpret the Hadith by myself, rather than just cut and paste the exact English translation from Arabic, using one of the most popular and quoted Islamic Sunna resources, namely  http://sunnah.com/ 

So, there are chapters in this “Hadith” talking about the experience of various people who encountered the prophet of Islam, and narrates what these people have heard and learned about Muhammad. And since Muhammad was a human, nothing divine about him as Muslims also believe…

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