Just a working man’s thoughts…


I am really thankful for the heroin addicts who can put my tax dollars to great use by incurring a $500,000 hospital bill that I can pay for them so that they can go right back to using heroin! Soylent Green goddammit! Save the children! Put these idiots into the grinder with soybeans and ship them overseas! I’m not saying to exterminate needy people who have had shitty circumstances, but you have to be kidding me that it’s helping them to just roll out the red carpet for years and just hope that they eventually want to get clean! Wait a minute, I’ll be back I just have to go and pose this question to those people that are dressed to the nines, constantly on expensive cell phones and paying for the crab legs with the welfare card! Hey welfare person! Should we keep giving people handouts to people? You know, free checks with no requirement to work for them? Really? OK. Alright, I have to go back to work right now, the welfare person thinks that the system shouldn’t be changed so I have to make a living to support her and her 12 kids!

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