The University of Manchester says: “Jurassic Park is fiction”


Why Evolution Is True

by Matthew Cobb

Who doesn’t love Jurassic Park? My daughter Evie is inviting her friends round to watch it on Sunday, and we’ll project it onto a wall with sound from some decent speakers for them. It will be fab.

Now we all knew the film was fiction, but the science is looking increasingly ropey year by year. There’s nowt so old fashioned as previous decades’ visions of the future.

And my heartless colleagues at the University of Manchester have gone some way to destroying the dreams of Evie and her pals. First, Bill Sellers showed a few years back that T. rex was a pretty poor runner – it could barely outpace the then global soccerball superstar David Beckham, who was no Usain Bolt. (The exact calculations were T. rex top speed of 17.9 mph, compared to 17.7 mph for Beckham).

Above all, what Bill inadvertently showed was that…

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