Musings of an atheist bastard!


I am often surprised by the fact that so many people still adhere to the mythology of deities in the 21st century. My son came home from school the other day and explained to me that he had uttered the name Jesus Christ a little too loudly in class. The other kids put their hands over their mouths as if he had invoked the name of the devil himself as he looked around wondering what he had said wrong. I explained to him that he had to be more sensitive to others and their beliefs out of common courtesy, not because we believed in the same mythology, but because we are civilized and have manners. I don’t care if a person believes in Zeus or Mithra, they have a right to believe in whatever they please. This, of course, ends there. I did, in fact, tell him that these beliefs are only personal and are not scientifically based. I feel that as a rational logical person, that it is my duty to protect him from the child abuse of early indoctrination, but I feel that manners are equally as important. We show our respect for others by the way we conduct ourselves and curtail our often acerbic first response to the utterly ridiculous things that many people say.

I am attempting to raise children who will not carry on the irrational belief in god, and who will help to usher in an age free of the problem of religion. Religion poisons everything and hinders much more than it helps, just ask any Catholic choirboy or many a Boy Scout to get your answer. Children are very malliable and do not deserve to have their young minds polluted by ancient dogma rooted in fantasy and devoid of proof. If education was elevated to the level of religion, we would have a legion of multilingual child geniuses on our hands winning Nobel Prizes left and right, but instead these resources go to teaching idiocy without fact. This is a criminal waste of funds and a foolish reason for tax-exempt status, because all the public is doing is subsidizing bullshit! Garbage that will never advance humankind or solve any problems. Religion creates thousands of problems that it tries to solve by claiming that the problems are actually the product of non belief! Oh, the END TIMES! Scary predictions of the future made by people in funny clothes who believe in ghosts! I’m truly pissing myself in fear of the reprisals by OUR LORD for me forsaking the fact that he let his own son be murdered for my sins! This actually sounds like the stories told of other similar ‘Saviors’ who came to save mankind from the fear of personal responsibility!

Well, I say to the many lemmings still ahering to mythology today, the world will be a better place with billions being spent on schools instead of fairy tales. If these people EVER get their collective heads out of their collective asses, they might be able to stop living in the fantasy world and actually accomplish great strides for humanity, but that would take forward thinking and common sense, something that only about 10% of the population has. Many of those faithful people out there are still cousin-fucking, so we still have quite a ways to go before idiocy falls from it’s lofty pedestal! I will anxiously await the day when FAITH is a word commonly used by man to describe trust in other human beings, but until then I will blog away against this Bronze Age fallacy called Christianity and all of it’s many interpretations.

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