america-wakiewakie: “The manner in which the… | Culture of Resistance


Where are the churches when it comes to keeping poison off of the table of their children? You can demonstrate and burn their foul crops but you can’t ‘pray’ Monsanto and it;s minions of mostly Christians away! ( the fact stands that most of the upper echelon and the workers at Frankenfood plants claim to be religious people according to statistics.


america-wakiewakie: “The manner in which the… | Culture of Resistance.

do we need monsanto

“The manner in which the international political economy produces and distributes wealth is well illustrated by the production and distributions of world food resources. If the wheat, rice, and other grains produced throughout the world were distributed equally to all the world’s peoples, each individual would receive 3,600 calories per day, well above the average U.S.-recommended daily allowances of 2,700 calories for adult males, 2,000 for adult females, and 1,300 to 3,000 for teenagers. Yet 9 million children die every year from starvation, and 4 billion people do not have enough to eat. The typical Western family of four consumes more grain (directly and indirectly in the form of meat) than a poor Indian family of 20.”

The Other World 9th ed. pg. 60

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