More on my lack of religious fervor


C'est Moi Daisy

Ever since the first time I met people who delineated that although they were not religious, they were spiritual, I’ve understood some people must feel a void once they decide religion is no longer to be a part of their lives. With the focal point of a church there is a place to go and to meet others, the assured social camaraderie extant in a religious meeting place without swizzle sticks or uncomfortable high heels. We are conditioned that church has a location and a purpose, like a gas station does. When one goes there they expect to find like-minded people, who have a presumed mind-set of wanting to be together and strive to be better humans in the world. The lovely buildings, inside and out, filled with beautiful music, are all appealing attributes, interwoven into the fabric of religion and which we do not separate naturally. The church “owns”…

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