Religious Background Pt 3


Big Chesticles!

Continued from the previous post…

So with this generic label of pagan I spent most of my time just researching and studying different topics, practices, gods etc. I thought if that perhaps I needed more information for the practices to work properly for me. The only thing I really succeeded at was tarot card reading.

I clinged onto these concepts of spiritual practice without any personal evidence or experience to indicate that it was real as opposed to the mind hinting it was real. I probably knew deep down that I massively doubted it but I think I wanted to be a part of something really beautiful and paganism was a very attractive spiritual path.

Towards the end if my love affair with paganism I toyed with the concept of agnostic and then back to paganism. Wash, rinse, repeat.

The more I got involved on forum discussions, looked at politics…

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