From Mad Magazine to Rat Bastard – The Comic Book Fan In All Of Us


Guitar Basics 4 Beginners

Mad101As a young man, growing up in a small town, nothing else quite equaled the exciting journey of walking or riding bicycle to the center of town and using some of that hard-earned allowance money (I had saved) to buy yet another copy of Mad Magazine.  I can still remember the sound and feel one got from opening that old painted door and walking straight into the unmistakable smell of newspapers, magazines and pipe tobacco stocked floor to ceiling inside our town’s local newsstand.

Upon entering, all other publications and products immediately became a blur.  I could spot the next issue of Mad Magazine easily from more than 20 feet away (or Cracked if they were out of Mad).  I had no concept or awareness (in those days) of internet, so such adventures in reading really did provide one of the best ways to escape from that concept of the…

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