Military Families Hit by Another Shutdown Kick in the Groin


I am ex-military and I hate the way that the Gov. treats them.

The Parts in the Sum of the Whole



by: R.e. Glenn [The Philosopher Monk]

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell reported, in an exclusive, that the families of 5 U.S. military fatalitites that occurred over the weekend will not receive the normal death benefits that families of fallen soldiers would normally receive.  Well, they would normally receive it if the whole thing didn’t occur while the government has partly imploded and shut down.

Families generally receive a payment of about $100,000 within 36 hours when a soldier dies, Mitchell reports.  This money is used to pay for funeral costs, bills and family support to provide living funds to cover the time while the family might not have any income coming in, and the money is even allowed and directed to be used to pay for a flight to come and meet the casket of their loved one when it lands at Andrews Air Force Base and U.S. soil.

But, as…

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