Father writes in support of ‘off-grid’ family facing eviction from their own land


‘The Man’ always will try to fuck with someone who tries to live without ‘Him.’ Fuck the man and his bullshit!!

The Global Non-Compliance Movement


The father of a man whose family is fighting to remain on land in Willand says it is time Mid Devon District Council showed flexibility and left them to get on with their lives.

Brian Mason has written to Cllr Peter Hare-Scott, the authority’s leader, in support of Stig and Dinah who want to live a carbon neutral lifestyle at Muxbeare Orchard.

The couple, now living in a tent away from the site, have transformed what was a neglected, overgrown four-acre plot into a smallholding boasting chickens, a 400 sq m allotment and an orchard since 2009.

But the couple, who have two young boys, Dali and Yosse, face eviction as planners say the site is solely for agricultural use and they are not permitted to live there in a converted horsebox.

Brian, an area highway manager for Hertfordshire County Council, who supports legislation that prevents unlawful development, said: “However…

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