Get Home Bag (GHB) Philosophy




In the Vietnam war, military pilots had survival vests issued to them in case they had to bail out over enemy territory. These vests were filled with fishing kits, first aid accessories, knives, cordage, etc. Today everyone practically has some kind of survival kit. Ship captains in the Northern Atlantic to FEMA workers, Red Cross personnel, fire fighters, cops, and teachers. It has become a common theme in this age of natural disasters, terrorist attacks and giving us the piece of mind that if something bad happens we can survive.

There is a growing amount of interest in creating a Bug Out Bag (BOB) or sometimes referred to as Get Out Of Dodge (GOOD) bag. The philosophy behind this bag is to be able to stuff 72 hours worth of equipment in it, and grab it if all hell breaks loose and you have only enough time to grab one…

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