Tips for Building a Fire in the Rain


Kevin Jacob Kelley



Wet Fire

The first time I camped on the coast, it rained all day. I was in Northern California and hiking through miles of wet trails. When I returned to camp the first night, I was starving. My staple for the trip? Potatoes. Although they can be eaten raw, it’s not the best idea (

I did not bring any fuel or kindle for a fire except for some paper that got wet from humidity. Everything on the coast was mostly green and/or soaked from rain. I had matches and a stomach that was getting angry. If I was going to satisfy the lord of torture and damnation (my stomach), I had to figure out how to build a fire in this wet hell. If you run into a similar situation, here are some tips that could save you from hunger:

  1. Gather thin, dead material and put it…

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