strength through peace — or else


Love this guy!!!!!

the Hunt for Truth

Two videos today… you’ll open the page to get this story. Please comment if you have time.

1st video… economic collapse — the military consumes the riches — the people can’t get their needs met — the economy collapses — its really that simple. Atomic weapons are like bullets… remember that statement — it will be reality again soon, I think.michio-kaku-brain-net-bigthink

Do we need a strong Peace Department?

2nd video… we want a good life — the Information Age exploded upon us in the recent decades and it is unstoppable — ideas are independent of controls — We access information on just about anything — for free — control of data and analysis of data lag behind important decisions that get made — the data contribute to peace or war.

Here is Dr. Michio Kaku with views on the science of democracy in a Worlds Apart interview video:

Major decisions about the future of…

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