It Isn’t Atheism That’s Made Me Eat Infants. It’s The Taste


Love ’em, LOVE ‘EM!!! Tastes like chicken and the bones are still pliable enough to be eaten! These are particularly good with a marinara sauce to cut down on the fat and asparagus makes a great side dish!

The Arm Chair Pontificator

I actually began cooking and savoring human infants long before I realized I don’t believe in gods any more than I believe keeping Texas in the Union is a reasonable idea.  “Ya ain’t had meat ’til ya had baby meat,” my Pops always told me. And we had plenty of it when I was growing up, too.  Being an atheist does, however, make the kidnapping, boiling alive, and savoring of the meat a lot easier.  There isn’t a hint of guilt in me about it.  The minute I realized there was no god, I raped as many children and old people as I could find, and started eating infants like they were milk from my mother’s teat.  What FREEDOM!!!!   Anyway, if any of my fellow morally depraved, godless readers would like some of my Nobel Prize winning recipes for cooked infant or my outstanding infant tare-tare recipe, let me know…

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