The many gods of Christianity


Empirical Pierce

Christians (and many other theistic traditions), despite supposed monotheism, worship a great number of gods. When I say this, I’m not referring to Yahweh’s origins in the Canaanite pantheon as one of El Elyon’s many god-children, nor am I referring to the paradoxical confusion of the trinity doctrine, though those are certainly important points to raise.

My point is this: While each Christian individually worships but one god, each Christian worships their own unique god distinct from any other Christian.

I recently encountered a couple intriguing studies on, the first of which examines how Christians are divided into believing different god concepts: authoritarian, benevolent, critical, or distant, with varying levels of anger/forgiveness and engagement/detachment for humanity. Another study investigates whether or not humans can assess the will of Yahweh through prayer by asking Christians on both sides of the gay marriage divide to pray and ask for Yahweh’s…

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