This piece of shit should be taken out and shot!

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A woman and a man were arrested over charges of child
sexually abusive activity after offering her 4-year-old
daughter to the man for money. 25-year-old Jennifer

Marie Brys reportedly had a prostitution ad on a website.

It was through this website that she met 26-year-old
Edward Cody Reardon but when Edward heard that
Jennifer has a 4-year-old daughter, he changed his focus.

Edward then suggested that he gets to shower with
Jennifer’s daughter and also asked for a n*de photo of the
child. She then sent him a clothed one.”When you look at
the picture of this innocent little girl, and think about what
her mother wanted to do with her, the mother who is
supposed to protect her, it’s disgusting and disturbing,” a
Police Commissioner said.

Reports also revealed that Edward agreed to pay upwards
of $300. Edward also communicated with Jennifer about
recruiting girls ages 7 to 12…

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