Human trafficking!


Many of you have seen my posts on human trafficking and are now realizing that this cause is near and dear to my heart. I have three healthy children that I love very much who go to sleep in a comfortable bed every night while others do not. These are the children forced to suffer and grow up in bondage to completely evil people who do not value human life. These are many super rich and rich people who travel far and wide to have sex with under age boys and girls and skirt the limit of the law. Many of these children are forced into sex, cleaning houses, slaving over stoves cooking for their vile masters and otherwise laboring to make money for subhuman assholes not worthy of loathing!  

View my articles and know the signs.Don’t be the one who walks past as a girl is being raped and justify your inaction. Get involved if you see any suspicious activity and protect these children as if they were your own! We are adults and as adults we are tasked with protecting children no matter whose they are! I would definitely put my life on the line if I could save a child because I am an adult! That is my job! If I see a child uncomfortable with a person, then I will ask that child if the adult is related, because the child will usually break because it is scared! If I find that the child does not know this person, then the kidnapper’s life is definitely at risk, because if he does not run, then I will beat the holy living fuckshit out of him for stealing a child. Nuff fucking said! 

Be diligent! People are losing their lives because of these subhuman fucktools. They need to be stopped and these kids need to know that someone somewhere cares for them. 

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