Just me and common sense!


I am an atheist BECAUSE I see wonder in the world. I refuse to limit myself with myth and superstition and choose to let my mind wander the stars in wonderment! Creation explains nothing wondrous, it just aligns it with a religious belief system that is so limited in the eyes of the universe as to be almost myopic. During the past few days I have had a little bit of a sparring contest with a christian apologist who sees religion with the eyes of a scientist. This person actually believes that belief in Jesus expands the mind rather than limits it. Anyone who has truly studied the bible knows that 90% of christians DO NOT know their own bible and the atrocities contained therein. These people only know of the feel good stories of the love and benevolence of ‘The Lord.’

I see ‘The Lord’ as a crutch for the weak and a mass delusion resulting from early indoctrination, not the eye opener to the known universe. My take on it is that if ‘He’ was so almighty then so many little children would not be in slavery around the world, dying of cancer or getting killed in school shootings. As I see it, ‘The Lord’ is sitting on his hands if ‘He’ truly exists or he simply does NOT exist! I chose the latter due to the overwhelming LACK of evidence for “His’ existence! The universe is currently being probed by telescopes and other instruments that reveal HUGE holes in the Creationist belief and give us facts everyday attributed to actual science. 

If you want wonder, listen to Neil deGrasse Tyson on the universe and it’s many incredible aspects. If you want to be limited by superstition, then go to your local church where the uninformed attribute these things to an invisible Sky Fairy that they cannot even summon for an interview! Continue to believe that the most powerful being in existence who can do ANYTHING requires the supplication of us primitive human beings! The concept of this is sooo disturbing that it borders on committable  mental illness! 

I WANT wonder, and the way that I receive it is to delve deeper into the known sciences and learn what thousands of geniuses have written in hundreds of thousands of papers published over the years. When I was in the church, I learned how to limit the scope of my inquiry and narrow it to the illogical explanations of religious nature. I now look at the universe without the blinders of the people that tried to exterminate freethought and forward thinkers. I have loosed my mind upon the still unexplained parts of the scientific realm and eagerly await the answers to come! That which I definitely know, is that the quest will NOT lead back to religion or ‘GOD.’

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