Religion war.



I saw this thing on facebook. Some random woman talking about how our kids are forced to celebrate “death” through Halloween and how We’re inclined toward witchcraft as opposed to god.  How We’re stupid because we celebrate Halloween. This is the exact reason I’m not fond of religious people. They’re so blinded by their faith in god they can’t comprehend anything else. Do I think that’s being narrow minded? YES, DOUBLE YES, TRIPLE YES.

You’d think it stops there. It doesn’t 🙂 . What annoys me the most, it’s not what they believe but what they preach. They say We live in democratic society but you are judged if you don’t do what they do, believe what they do and feel what they feel. Why is that? Of course you’re an atheist if you judge them, you’re a bad person.

I’m going to raise the stakes and say that religion…

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