Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – I get a real “fan” letter, paper, envelope, everything!


Club Schadenfreude

In our last installment of “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation”, I had a post about the usual theocratic antics by Rep. Saccone and various Pennsylvania legislators.  I converted my post into a letter to the editor (vastly cut for length) and it was published in the local paper.  I’ve been pretty lucky in having letters published.

(And yes, revealing this means that someone could figure out who I am. That’s actually been quite possible for a long while on this blog. But I do expect some work to be put into figuring that out.)

One of the side effects of having letters to the editor printed is that I get responses.  I’ve gotten phone calls, which have all been positive.  The ones I am most proud of and stirred by were those supporting me when I spoke against Christian proselytizing in the public schools.  Two gentlemen, one claiming to be…

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