LOST-not just a series on an island!


Billboard Promoting Atheism Vandalized in California

Published February 18, 2010


Maybe God did it?

No one yet has claimed responsibility for the defacement of a billboard in Sacramento promoting atheism, but needless to say, the sponsors of the billboard aren’t happy.

The billboard originally read, “Are you without God? Millions are,” but someone used spray paint to add “also lost?” to the end of the message, UPI.com reported.

Rachel Harrington of the Sacramento Area Coalition of Reason, which sponsored the billboard, said the ads aim to show it’s socially acceptable to be an atheist or an agnostic.

The vandalism “shows loud and clear just how necessary our message is, because prejudice against people who don’t believe in a god remains very real in America,” she told UPI.com.

Clear Channel, which leases the billboard space, has offered to replace the sign free of charge.

From the desk of The Imperious Bleeder– Millions lost for not buying into a ridiculous myth? Yes folks, Chrazy Christians chonverts are everywhere! They are even spraying grafitti on signs! Kudos to Clear Channel for doing the right thing! Just call them Mythbusters!! 

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