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Ads Promoting Atheism Plastered on NYC Subways

Published October 20, 2009

Associated Press

NEW YORK –  Ads promoting atheism will be going up in New York City subway stations.

The monthlong ad campaign begins next Monday in a dozen Manhattan stations.

It features the slogan, “A Million New Yorkers Are Good Without God. Are You?”

The campaign is being coordinated by the umbrella organization Coalition of Reason. It cost $25,000 and was funded by an anonymous donor.

The coalition has placed similar billboards in the Dallas area and West Virginia. Another group ran ads in Chicago and in the Indiana cities of Bloomington and South Bend.

In July, another group, New York City Atheists, ran a similar but unrelated campaign on city buses.

One estimate puts the number of New York City atheists at about one million.

From the ME zone–Counting the blase christians who actually don’t believe in any god but are the ignorant sheep of the world, I’d tally the count of non-believers at probably three times the one million. Most christians in urban areas that are middle to upper middle income would actually laugh at you if you ACTUALLY saw Jesus AND talked to him and then relayed the account to them. The number of ‘nones,’ those who have no religious affiliation is probably closer to 30-40% than 20%. It’s just going to take time for these people to stop lying to themselves!

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