Bride loses her groom and her leg, but not her faith


My faith would be in the shitter! THANKS GOD!!!!!!

ATLANTA (CNN) — Tasha Bradford made Sylvester “Buck” Storey wait two years before she agreed to go on a date.

When they finally got together, everyone knew it was meant to be. Among the many things they had in common, the couple bonded over their mutual adoration of “Star Trek,” old movies, fried bologna sandwiches and God.

They were married just a week. It was the best week ever. And then, it was the worst.

But even after the accident that took her husband, her leg and part of her colon as the couple returned from their honeymoon, Bradford hasn’t lost her faith.

Happiness to tragedy

From her bed at Atlanta’s Grady Memorial Hospital, where she spent most of November, Bradford smiles as she replays the details of her wedding day.

It was Saturday, October 19. She had turned 31 the week before. It rained that morning; she and her…

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