Stranger steps up to pay struggling mother’s layaway bill


Tis’ the season to use reason and help your fellow man! C’mon atheists, we know that no prayer will put food on the table! Next time you are at the checkout or at the soup kitchen, DO SOMETHING! A god ain’t helping, so you should! And yes, I am practicing what I preach!

[ndn id=”25400497″] Lexington, Massachusetts – A struggling mother of three who wanted to make Christmas special for her children was in for a big surprise when she went to pay off her layaway bill at Walmart. It turns out she was too late because someone else had already paid the bill for her.

According to, Allison Moran, the mother, says the bill was paid by a total stranger.

“I was just in shock. When I told the kids, I was in tears. I am so grateful,” said Moran.

Moran says she had hundreds of dollars worth of gifts on layaway at the store and she was floored when she found out what this generous stranger had done.

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