Your Thanksgiving viewing


Why Evolution Is True

Instead of watching a postprandial football game in which behemoths injure each other, how about working your neurons a bit and watching this  53-minute talk by physicist Sean Carroll, delivered in Oxford last January? It’s a superb presentation.

The title is “God is not a good theory.” I like that—and the talk—because it presumes that the notion of God really is a theory (in the sense of “an idea about what’s true in the universe”), and not some ineffable idea that can’t be approached via reason and science.

It will give you a lot of good ammunition to respond to those theists who use cosmology or physics as evidence for god. I call that endeavor “The New Natural Theology,” since it’s replaced old creationist claims as the most common “sophisticated” argument for god from observations of nature.

h/t: John Loftus (read his piece at the link)

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