What’s all this toxicity about?


Very enlightening article. I sometimes doff the skeptic hat and buy into the sensationalized bullshit myself.

Skeptical World

There are two big buzzwords in the world of alternative medicine and among those who deny the efficacy of certain medical treatments. Immediately, through the use of our over-sensationalized media (and through other contextual uses) these words carry an air of negativity and alarm. When people hear these words being used they instantly relate them to something dangerous or harmful. What most people don’t understand though is that these words are either being used wrong or are being used in a way that completely betrays their actual meanings.

Of course, I’m talking about “natural” (or unnatural) and “toxic”. The alt-med proponents have hinged entire concepts surrounding vaccination and “Big-Pharma” on these two words: utilizing them as a win any battle tool that connects straight to the sensibilities of the reader. The words and the way they are applied appeal to a consumer’s emotions and place them in specific frames of…

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