Jews, Nurses and the Clergy




The Pew Research on Jewish identity still fascinates me. Of those born after 1980, 32% claim to have no religion. And only 32% of Jews feel that believing is God is a prerequisite for their fellow Jews to call themselves “Jewish”. Even Jews who consider themselves religious Jews, 55% consider themselves so mainly by ancestry or culture. Indeed, I think this is true of most Christians — the role of culture and family play a far bigger aspect in their Christian identity than doctrine (whether they confess it or not). This is always to the chagrin of theology-peddling rabbis and clergy. They have vested interests in their myths — which ever version they are selling.

When people see through vested interests, the veil of honesty is torn down. A recent Gallup poll (below) shows that the trust of nurses remains high while (thank goodness), the trust of clergy…

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