Shooting the Messenger, brought to you by GLAAD and your Facebook friends


Oh look! It’s the Cock Commander!!



The comments on homosexuality by Duck Dynasty patriarch (and Osama Bin Laden doppleganger) Phil Robertson have caused quite a ripple.  I came across it on and reddit a few days ago. The shitstorm brewing on Facebook and elsewhere seems a little late to me, but I am not always on top of news.  This is hardly news, and frankly I would rather follow updates on Miley Cyrus’ shorts or Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s crack-fueled adventures (can someone make this into a movie?)

What burns me up about the Robertson drama is near and dear to my annoyed heart.  I believe, for reasons explained in my book, that the Bible is filled with socially repugnant ideas.   Some of these ideas get tossed into larger conversations on shows like Piers Morgan or Jon Stewart.  The jokes are predictable now.  They go something like “yeah, the Bible says that homosexuality is…

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