The Beeble: 15 Genesis


On Facts and Faith

The Beeble
By Eric Monk

Abram was quite tired after all this and he suddenly saw Gad in a vision. “Don’t worry Abram. I am your shield AND your reward. Aren’t you happy?” Abram looked confused and answered: “But didn’t I already have you with me before? How can you be my reward?” Gad got annoyed: “Just be happy, puny human! What else do you want?” “Well Gad,” Abram said hesitantly, “It’s just that with all your power and all the love you say you have for me.. I still don’t have a child and my heir so far is one of the people serving me.” Gad looked down on Abram “No. Your heir will be of your own bowel” “WHAT?!?” Abram looked angry at Gad “Is this a joke? Do you want me to give all my earthly possessions after my death to my feces?!” Gad hurriedly answered the…

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