We’re Alive (Zombie Survival Audio Drama Podcast): Interview with Writer/Director Kc Wayland


I fucking LOVE this podcast! It is awesome!!

Nerdy Minds Magazine

Were Alive Cover Image

If, like me, you are a big fan of the zombie apocalypse subgenre of horror, you will definitely want to check out We’re Alive (if you haven’t already)! While there has certainly been a reanimation of the genre in recent years, it can be difficult to find the really good material amongst the mindless shamblers.

We’re Alive is a zombie apocalypse podcast. It isn’t a typical podcast: It’s an audio drama that advances an art form that has seen little attention since the invention of the television. We’re Alive proves that audio dramas are a relevant art form, and the production level is fantastic. You can’t watch a film while you are driving to work, but you can listen to a podcast. The story is fully voice acted, with audio production that makes you feel like you are watching a feature film.

Much like The Walking Dead, which tells…

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